God’s love is amazing! No matter who you are, His love toward you is fierce and unconditional, and it shows up in every area of your life. 


Have you ever wondered how you can show your love for Him?

We demonstrate our love for God by being Relentless in our devotion to Him. We pursue God and righteousness by any means necessary. Most of us know that we need to be passionate in our pursuit of God – but we just don’t know how. Join us at the 2020 He Loves Me Women’s Conference, where you will receive the tools, resources and confidence to become Relentless.

The Experience

We are going virtual

In light of the current pandemic, we’ve had to operate a bit differently than normal. Because Grace Girls are Relentless, our conference will be completely virtual for the first time ever! 

You’ll be able to enjoy all that He Loves Me 2020 has to offer from the comfort and safety of your home. 


This virtual conference is packed with general sessions led by dynamic speakers, worship services with enlightening preachers and powerful music artists, Master Classes taught by speakers who will help you become Relentless in specific life areas, on-demand videos to expand your thinking, chats with speakers, virtual networking (and fellowshipping!) with other attendees, cooking demonstrations and more.

New Format!
Same Impact!

A virtual conference allows you to experience He Loves Me at your own pace.


Become relentless in specific life areas through focused biblical-based study.


Be inspired by dynamic guest speakers and artists.

Bring A Friend For FREE

Have you been praying for a friend or family member to form a relationship with God? Here’s the good news! Once you’ve registered for He Loves Me 2020, you will have the option to “bring” a free guest to the conference.


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