He Loves Me Women's Conference


Friday, OCT. 1 - Saturday, Oct. 2, 2021

God’s love for us transcends any love that we could ever imagine. Oh, the joy we experience when we learn to abide in His love!

Can you imagine the depths and heights that we can reach in Christ if we choose to connect, commit to and obey Him in every area of our life?

A woman who truly understands what it means to abide in Jesus’ love is a woman who has staying power.  She is going to remain with God as He beckons her.  She is not to be moved! Join us at the 2021 He Loves Me Women’s Conference so that you too can be deeply inspired and empowered to Abide. It’s an amazing and transformative experience!

Due to the continuing rise in COVID cases and out of the utmost concern for your safety, we have decided to no longer offer an in-person option for the conference.


Abide Sessions

Pastor Donna Pisani

Dr. Medina Pullings

Pastor Pushie Watson

Bring A Friend For FREE

Have you been praying for a friend or family member to form a relationship with Christ? We have good news!  You have the opportunity to bring a guest to He Loves Me 2021 at no additional cost. That’s right! You’ll have the opportunity to bring a guest for free!

Virtual Attendance

You will experience all of the rich, heart-felt worship, Master Classes, general sessions and other offerings of this year’s conference via our interactive web platform. 

General Registration (Sept. 1 – Sept. 28) – $35

Access to conference content will be available to all registrants for 30 days after the conference has ended.

Registration is non-refundable but transferable.

Friday Master Classes

Master Classes are one of the true gems of the He Loves Me conference. Led by dynamic subject matter experts, designed specifically for women, these classes are interactive biblical-based teachings that empower and encourage women to abide with Jesus Christ in every life area.

Lead Like a Woman
10:30 a.m. edt

Deborah Smith Pegues

Every day, whether they are navigating the business world or serving in a nonprofit organization, women hear that they are not good enough. Some say that women are too emotional to lead, and the way they act, speak and even think is detrimental to success. This Master Class is designed to challenge those falsehoods by showing how a woman’s uniquely female qualities can position her for success — if she knows how to use them. Deborah Pegus will teach you to embrace a number of traits that can help you excel as a leader, as well as help you eliminate tendencies that could be hindering your success. Prepare to be empowered to walk boldly in the path of your leadership journey while experiencing fulfillment.

Big Idea Food
9:30 a.m. edt

Marlena Banks

This class speaks to Christian entrepreneurs who are passionately using entrepreneurship (or dreaming about it) to create the abundant lives they were born to live! Join social media influencer Marlena Banks as she helps you spark new revelations about your business. This class will also show you how God’s Word is relevant to what you are building today and nourish your soul through the journey and challenges of entrepreneurship.

9:30 a.m. edt

Deborah Porter

In this session, women will learn practical, proven strategies for establishing effective home management systems. You’ll discover how abiding in the vine enables you to carry out these systems, such as doing laundry, meal planning and housekeeping with grace and ease.

Abide in Prayer
10:30 a.m. edt

Rev. Lettie Carr

She’s a lawyer, she’s a preacher but let us tell you — she’s also a prayer warrior. Reverend Lettie Carr is going to teach you the secret to abiding, which is intimate conversations with God. Prayer is the cornerstone to obedience. Having that connection with God is critical and this Master Class will teach you just how to do it.

Wives Abiding in Obedience
11:30 a.m. EDT

First Lady Meredith Sheppard

Meredith Sheppard is no stranger to our Grace Girls. Join her for this Master Class where she will share tools to aid wives in staying committed, connected, and consistent in their relationship with Christ. Join us for a candid conversation and gain tools to thrive in your marriage.

Staying In Love
11:30 a.m. edt

Pastor Jasmin “Dr. Jazz” Sculark

Join Dr. Jazz for this Master Class as she speaks to single women and shares principles on how to remain, dwell and abide in God’s love by putting Him first. This class teaches the importance of being a woman of influence, integrity, loyalty and obedience while happily being who you are.

Since God is Doing a New Thing; What Shall We Say Then About These Matters
9:30 a.m. edt

Cherilyn Holloway

Pro-Life! Abortion!  Is it political? Is it biblical?  Let’s talk about it, Grace Girl! Join this Master Class and hear from social activist Cherilyn Holloway. She’ll share her story and her passion in a candid interview. You don‘t want to miss this! 

It’s Over Now!
10:30 a.m. edt

Minister Carol Owens Ford

As Women of God, it is time for us to get to a point in our lives that we lift up our voices and declare, “enough is enough.” No woman deserves to be abused. We declare “it’s over now,” as we trust God to fight for us because the mountain is too big for us to carry any longer. God can calm the raging seas of circumstances and emotions that we cannot and should not try to handle. In this Master Class, survivor Carolyn Ford will teach you how to live your best life, no matter who you are, when you face the storms of life with a made up mind for certainty — it’s over now!

What To Do With Your Money When Crisis Hits: A Survival Guide
12:30 p.m. edt

Michelle Singletary McIntyre

From pandemics to recessions, bear markets to energy crises, life is full of financial setbacks. Join Michelle Singletary McIntyre for this Master Class as she walks you through weathering a financial storm. This journey starts with examining your past, present and future. We’ll review what bills need to be paid first, when is it right to dip into savings, why budgeting isn’t a bad word and how to keep from panicking when the stock market is down. Come learn about God’s tools to secure your financial freedom and future.

Finding God’s Peace After Sexual Assault
12:30 p.m. edt

Reverend Keshia Dixon

We know her as Pastor KD, but if you don’t know her, you’re going to get to know her. In this Master Class, Pastor KD will guide you through finding the peace of God while understanding what sexual assault and abuse is. We will talk about the signs of sexual assault and abuse while taking you on a journey of healing that will allow you to find God’s peace, so you can be all that God has called you to be. It does not matter what title you hold in this life, God’s peace frees you of the assault and abuse. Please keep in mind that every 68 seconds, an American is sexually assaulted and 1 in 6 women and girls experience sexual violence.

Fabulous Tour

with Dr. Sujay and Friends
12:30 p.m.

Dr. Sujay

Mother Love

Cynthia Butler-McIntyre

You asked for it, we got it! In this Master Class, women 50 and over will be coached on the “5 P’s” needed to live a fabulous faith-filled fifth chapter in life: Favor-Flava, Fun, Fitness, Fund$ and “Fabulosity.” Join Dr. SuJay and her friends — y’all, this sounds like a good one, so ladies plan to attend!

Special Session

Know What’s Going on With Your Voting Rights!
2 p.m.

Dr. Barbara Williams-Skinner

Voting rights are under attack nationwide as states pass voter suppression laws, including cuts to early voting, voter ID laws and purges of voter rolls, which lead to significant burdens for eligible voters trying to exercise their most fundamental constitutional right. So, we invited Dr. Barbara Williams-Skinner back to help us identify ways to get rid of these harmful voter suppression measures once and for all.

Schedule at-a-Glance

Friday Morning, Oct. 1, 2021 

8:45 a.m. | GG Live Check-in
9 a.m. | Opening Session with First Lady
9:20 a.m. | Master Classes – Session I
10 a.m. |  Break
10:15 a.m. | Master Classes – Session II
11 a.m. | Break
11:15 a.m. | Master Classes – Session III
Noon | Lunch Break
12:30 p.m. | What’s Going on with Voter Rights with Dr. Barbara Williams-Skinner
1:30 p.m. | Break

Friday Evening, Oct. 1, 2021

6:45 p.m. | GG Live Check-in

7 p.m. | Worship Service Under the Stars with Pastor Pushie Watson

All times are in EDT.

Saturday, Oct. 2, 2021

9:15 a.m. | GG Live Check-in
9:30 a.m. | Lessons from the Vineyard: A Roundtable Discussion
10 a.m. | Abiding Session with Pastor Donna Pisani
11 a.m. | Break
11:15 a.m. | Closing Session with Dr. Medina Pullings
Noon | Lunch Party with Food Vending, Fellowship and Lots of Fun – Grace Girl Style


A: The 2021 He Loves Me Virtual Women’s Conference will be held Friday, Oct. 1, and
Saturday, Oct. 2.

A: As a virtual conference, He Loves Me 2020 will provide a combination of live and on-demand
content. That means that we don’t expect you to sit glued to your computers for two days - any
session you are unable to attend live will be available for replay afterward.

A: This year’s conference is completely virtual. All sessions and services will be held online.

A: All women ages 18 and older are invited to attend.

A: The 2021 registration rates are as follows:
– Virtual Early Registration (Aug. 1 – Aug. 31) – $30
– Virtual General Registration (Sept. 1 – Sept. 28) – $35

A: Registration includes general sessions led by dynamic speakers, worship services featuring guest speakers and recording artists, Master Classes taught by speakers who will share strategies about how to abide in specific areas of your life, virtual exhibitors, a Grace Girl Lounge for virtual networking/fellowship with other attendees, and much more.

A: To register for the conference, visit www.fbcglenarden.org/helovesme.

A: Yes! Registration is transferable. Please have the registered Grace Girl send a request in writing to the registration team at registration@fbcglenarden.org. The request must be made by Sept. 24, 2021*. Changes cannot be made to reservations after that date.

A: Day rates are not available. All registration rates include both days.

A: You can contact us via email at women@fbcglenarden.org or give us a call at 301-773-3600.

A: No, there are no group registration rates this year.

A: During He Loves Me 2021, participants can choose from any of the following virtual
Classes designed to empower women to abide successfully in specific areas of their life:
○ Lead Like a Woman
○ Big Idea Food (Entrepreneurship)
○ MomLife
○ Prayer
○ Wives Abiding in Obedience
○ Staying in Love (Singles)
○ Since God is Doing a New Thing; What Shall We Say Then (Post Abortion Healing)
○ It’s Over Now!
○ What to do With Your Money When Crisis Hits: A Survival Guide
○ Finding God’s Peace After Sexual Assault
○ Fabulous Tour
○ Know What’s Going on With Your Voter Rights

A: This year’s conference takes place online. The week of the conference, you will receive a link
to a virtual platform from which all sessions and activities will be streamed.

As a virtual conference, He Loves Me 2021 will provide a combination of live and on-
demand content. That means that in addition to scheduled sessions, you will have at your
fingertips access to videos and other content to review at your own pace. It also means that
we don’t expect you to sit glued to your computers for two days - any session you are
unable to attend live will be available for replay afterward. You can tune in - and catch up -
whenever you can.

A: You can attend as much - or as little - of the conference as you like. However, we know you
will have the most rewarding experience if you participate in all the sessions. Don’t worry, we
don’t expect you to sit glued to your computers for two days - any session you are unable to
attend live will be available for replay afterward.

A: All times on our schedule are in Eastern Daylight Time. However, if you’re in a different time
zone and are unable to watch a session live, you will be able to replay it afterward.

A: The week of the conference, all registered attendees will be provided a link and login
information for our virtual conference platform.

A: The week of the conference, all registered attendees will be provided a link and login
information for our virtual conference platform. When you receive the email, just click the link
and enter the login information provided.

A: Yes! As long as you have Internet access, you can participate in He Loves Me. All times on
our schedule are in Eastern Daylight Time. Our conference is a combination of live and on-
demand content; however, even if you miss the live elements, they will be available for you to
view for a month after the event.

A: No. He Loves Me will be offered via a virtual platform. Our platform is designed specifically
for our church and is not affiliated with any other applications or websites. The week of the
conference, all registered attendees will receive a link and access information for the He Loves
Me online platform.

A: The week of the conference, all registered attendees will be provided a link and login
information for our virtual conference platform.

A: All sessions will be available for replay following the event. The virtual conference platform
will have all content available on-demand for 30 days following the conference.

A: For the best experience, we suggest using a personal computer, laptop or tablet. You will, of
course, need Internet access as well.


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Deborah Smith Pegues

Master Class:
Lead Like a Woman

Deborah Smith Pegues is a certified John Maxwell Leadership coach and speaker, certified behavior consultant, Bible teacher and international speaker who has written 17 transformational books. Among her most popular titles are “30 Days to Taming Your Tongue,” which sold over one million copies worldwide, and “The One-Minute Money Mentor for Women.” She is also a Certified Public Accountant and holds a Master of Business Administration.
Deborah and her husband, Darnell, have been married for more than 40 years

Marlena Banks

Master Class:
Big Idea Food

Marlena Banks is the founder of Big Idea Food™, a Christian media brand that produces faith-fueling content for entrepreneurs and creatives. Since the 2018 release of her “Big Idea Food™” book, which is a down-to-earth devotional for entrepreneurs, she’s continued to grow the brand’s offerings to include a weekly devotional newsletter, edge-snatching social media content and a growing membership community.
Marlena coaches and curates trainings for her tribe of early-stage founders inside the Big Idea Food™ community, to help them launch and grow their big ideas into influential businesses. The community benefits from her 10 years of experience side-hustling as a graphic designer and creative director as well as her professional background in project management. Her ultimate mission is to elevate the influence of more Christian creators so that, together, we can positively impact our world at the level God intended.

Deborah Porter

Master Class:

Deborah Porter is the ultimate list maker, system creator and investigator of anything that will make things run smoother at home and in life. As a certified life coach, she coaches mothers and consults with agencies and brands that serve mothers, to bring these home/life balance systems to the overwhelmed mom—wherever she is in her motherhood journey. 


Deborah is the founder of Moms Mentoring Circle, where she coaches and mentors moms. She is also a regular contributor on CBS’ “Virginia This Morning” and a recurring guest on ABC’s “The Mother Side.”

Reverend Lettie M. Carr

Master Class:

After leaving a successful career practicing law, Reverend Lettie M. Carr served as chaplain at the Maryland Correctional Institution for Women in Jessup, Md., for nearly 22 years. She currently serves at the First Baptist Church of Glenarden as director of the Ministry and Administrative Support Services Department, an associate pastor and a contract administrator.


Reverend Carr ministers domestically and internationally. She has been honored with numerous awards, including Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services Employee of the Year, Maryland’s 100 Top Women, and Distinguished Black Marylander by Towson University. She is married to M. Neal Carr and they have two children, Nelson and Gabrielle.

First Lady Meredith Sheppard 

Master Class:
Wives Abiding in Obedience

Meredith Sheppard and her husband Paul were joined in holy matrimony in May 1982, and they are the proud parents of two adult children, Alicia and Aaron. They are also co-founders of Destiny Christian Fellowship in Fremont, Calif., where she serves as director of ministries. 


Meredith is passionate about providing practical support and heartfelt understanding for pastors’ wives and women throughout the body of Christ. She is a gifted author and speaker whose latest publication is a book entitled “Letters to Pastors’ Wives.” Her ability to understand, personalize and apply Scripture is a gift to all who enjoy her speaking and writing. Her wisdom, warmth and candid communication style create trust and openness wherever she ministers.

Pastor Jasmin “Dr. Jazz” Sculark

Master Class:
Staying in Love 

Dr. Jasmin “Jazz” Sculark is a globally recognized pastor, teacher, evangelist, author and philanthropist. She is also known as the “Daughter of Thunder” for the thunderous sound she makes on the Earth that impacts the hearts and minds of all who come into contact with her ministry.


She is the founder and president of Dr. Jazz Ministries, which reaches people in Africa, Canada, the Caribbean, Europe and throughout the United States. Dr. Jazz is humbled by the call that God has placed on her life and is passionate about her purpose, which is to encourage, educate, equip and empower the world through the spoken and written word. She is indeed a woman for such a time as this!

Cherilyn Holloway

Master Class:
Since God is Doing a New Thing;
What Shall We Say Then

Cherilyn Holloway is a certified crisis pregnancy intervention specialist, a Level 2 certified lay counselor and winner of the 2015 Problem Solver Award by Americorp Vista. She is also an entrepreneur, physical education teacher and counselor. Her biggest and greatest role is managing a blended family of 10. 

Cherilyn engages communities in real conversations on topics ranging from “Building Trust,” to “Loving Well in the Midst of Diversity,” to “What Are You Holding Onto?” Ultimately, Pro-Black Pro-Life will become the voice for life in the Black community. Cherilyn’s goal is to create conversations that build trust and open the lines of effective communication around difficult issues.

Minister Carol Owens Ford

Master Class:
It’s Over Now! 

Minister Carol Owens Ford is a counselor, spiritual advisor, moderator, teacher and author, but above all else, she is a woman with an underlying commitment to the Lord. She has served as the keynote speaker at the Billy Graham Campsite, appeared as a guest on “The Right Side” talk show with Armstrong Williams and was featured on BET’s “Heart and Soul.” She has also served as the inspirational speaker for the Congressional Black Caucus and teaches an eight-week class called “A Woman’s Worth,” which encourages women to love themselves and to appreciate who they are and the blessings of the Lord that are upon their lives. 

After 40 years as the senior executive assistant at the Greater Mt. Calvary Holy Church, where her brother Bishop Alfred A. Owens Jr. is the pastor, Carol retired in December 2020. She is a graduate of the Cortez Business College and the Calvary Bible Institute. She is also the proud mother of three adult children and the proud “Mommy Carol” of four grandchildren. 

Michelle Singletary McIntyre

Master Class:
What To Do With Your Money When Crisis Hits: A Survival Guide

As a personal finance columnist for The Washington Post, Michelle Singletary’s award-winning column, “The Color of Money,” is carried in newspapers across the country. She is the author of three books: “The 21 Day Financial Fast: Your Path to Financial Peace and Freedom,” “Spend Well, Live Rich: How to Live Well With the Money You Have” and “Your Money and Your Man: How You and Prince Charming Can Spend Well and Live Rich.” Michelle was the financial expert for “The Revolution,” a daytime program on ABC, and for two years, the host of the national television program “Singletary Says” on TV One. She is a frequent contributor to various NPR radio programs and has appeared on national cable and television network shows, including “Oprah,” NBC’s “Today Show,” CBS’ “The Early Show” and CNN. 


Michelle is the director of the Prosperity Partners Ministry, a financial program she founded at FBCG. As part of this ministry, she and her husband, Kevin, also volunteer to teach financial literacy to prison inmates. Through FBCG’s Institute classes, Michelle and Kevin teach a 12-week class called “Mastering Money In Marriage.” The couple reside in Maryland with their three children and dog, Simba.

Reverend Keshia Dixon

Master Class:
Finding God’s Peace After Sexual Assault 

Pastor Keshia L. Dixon, affectionately known as Pastor KD, is a preacher and teacher of the Word whose main interest is providing sound, relevant and useful biblical insight in today’s context. She currently serves as the Online Campus pastor at the First Baptist Church of Glenarden, utilizing digital tools to discover, meet, engage, disciple and minister to people all over the world. Previously, Pastor KD was the director of Discipleship and Multiplication at Zion Baptist Church of Marietta, Ga., where she led the church’s transition to online services, new member orientation, small groups, Bible studies and trainings at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pastor KD is the co-owner of “By the Book Ministries, Inc.,” through which she, along with her partner, provides biblical training resources and workshops for churches and nonprofits in the areas of finance, operations, ministry structure and evaluation, training and staff development, technology, and strategic planning. In 2019, she released her first book, “One Day Closer,” a 31-day devotional. 

Reverend Dr. Ambassador Suzan Johnson Cook - Dr. Sujay

Master Class:
Fabulous Tour 

Reverend Dr. Ambassador Suzan Johnson Cook is a national and international influencer, third-generation Black female business owner, communications expert, diplomat and faith leader. She was the first Black woman elected to a senior pastorate in the American Baptist Churches and the first female and African-American U.S. Ambassador for International Religious Freedom. Nominated by Secretary Hillary Clinton and appointed by President Barack Obama, she was the principal advisor to the president of the United States and secretary of state for religious freedom globally. Additionally, she has been the faith advisor to two U.S. presidents and three cabinet secretaries, as well as political and celebrity leaders. 

Ambassador Johnson Cook is the founder and CEO of the Global Black Women’s Chamber of Commerce. She served Harvard’s Divinity School as an associate dean and faculty member for three years and was the first female chaplain for the New York City Police Department for 21 years, where she was on the front lines of 9/11. 


Ambassador Johnson Cook is the author of 15 books and, as a preacher and speaker, has given more than 4,000 sermons and speeches. She can be seen frequently on CNN, MSNBC, FOX and ABC TV as a media commentator, guest lecturer, visiting fellow and panel moderator.

Mother Love

Master Class:
Fabulous Tour 

Mother Love is on a mission to inform, educate and enlighten people on the importance of better-managed diabetes, drawing from her personal experience losing over 100 pounds and improving her diabetes management through hard choices and healthy lifestyle changes. She hosts a show on BlogTalkRadio, Monday – Friday from 2 p.m. – 3 p.m. PST, on which she hosts an array of diverse community and national leaders, authors, physicians, peace officers, cancer survivors, artists and more.

Mother Love was the 2010 spokesperson for Glucerna Nutritional Products and was tapped by Aetna Insurance Company for their 2009 faith-based initiative “In the Spirit of Health.” She was an Aetna ambassador from 2010-2012. She’s also conducted over 200 radio interviews to promote diabetes awareness and reached nine million people with the American Diabetes Association’s “I Decide to Fight Diabetes” Campaign. Mother Love is the author of “Half the MOTHER Twice the LOVE,” “Forgive or Forget: Never Underestimate the Power of Forgiveness” and “Listen Up Girlfriends.”

Cynthia Butler-McIntyre

Master Class:
Fabulous Tour 

Cynthia M. A. Butler-McIntyre is an educational activist; advocate; and motivational, educational and religious speaker. As the 24th national president of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., she led the sorority through its centennial celebration, giving worldwide attention to the sorority and its work globally. She is also the leader of several ministries at Olive Branch Church in New Orleans and the co-founder of “Momma’s Girls,” a ministry for motherless daughters.


Cynthia’s service and achievements have been recognized by numerous organizations. “Cynthia M. A. Butler-McIntyre Day” has been declared in over 25 cities nationwide including an island, and over 30 cities have presented her with keys to the city. In 2011, President Barack Obama tapped her to serve as his appointee on the Board of Trustees of the Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation. 


Cynthia earned a bachelor’s degree from Dillard University as well as a master’s degree from the University of New Orleans. She is the recipient of honorary doctorate degrees from the Louisiana Christian Bible College and Dillard University. She is proud to be the wife of Ronney, mother to four, and grandmother to three through her marriage.

Dr. Barbara Williams-Skinner

Master Class:
Know What’s Going on With Your Voting Rights

Dr. Barbara Williams-Skinner, CEO and co-founder of Skinner Leadership Institute, is a trusted advisor, public policy strategist, faith and community leader, author, lecturer, educator, executive coach and mentor. She and her late husband, Tom Skinner, founded the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Prayer Breakfast that annually attracts over 3,000 leaders across the nation. She regularly works with interfaith leaders on issues like health care and criminal justice reform.


Dr. Williams-Skinner is co-founder of a millennial leadership program entitled the Masters Series for Distinguished Leaders and co-founder of the Masters Series for Distinguished Clergy, which equips pastors with skills to voice their values in the public arena. Dr. Williams-Skinner also authored a book on building personal spiritual power, entitled “I Prayed, Now What?” 


In November 2020 and January 2021, Dr. Williams-Skinner coordinated Turnout Sunday/Lawyers and Collars, a voter protection campaign engaging clergy as poll chaplains to protect vulnerable voters. She recently received the D.C. Regional Leadership Hall of Fame Award.