By: Glenda M.


What does it mean to be relentless?

When I came to the Queen Esther Ministry I was broken and in the words of Pastor Jenkins “a
jacked-up joker.” I had no direction and no idea of what my life was supposed to be. The one
thing I was sure of was the huge void I felt in my life. Something (or someone) was missing. No
matter what I did or how much stuff I had, I could not shake this feeling of emptiness, confusion
and despair.

I started Queen Esther in March 2014, but during session two I became discouraged and
decided I was going to quit. The Holy Spirit reminded me that God led me to this ministry for
healing and deliverance. Unbeknownst to me, this journey would turn out to be twofold: one, to
discover my purpose and two, for His glory. This is when the pursuit of my being relentless

God placed a burning desire in my heart and fire under my feet when He revealed my purpose. I
spoke with Reverend Carolyn Tatem, director of the Queen Esther Ministry, about working
towards my certification to facilitate learning. I was relentless and signed up for three classes at
the same time while working a full-time and part-time job. I made a mental note not to ever do
that again. Within two years, I completed all but two of the required classes. Again, I was

God trusted me, a “broken jacked-up joker,” to pour into the lives of 26 of His most prized
possessions. This will be the largest Queen Esther class ever to graduate in August 2020. I am
so glad I trusted Him by not quitting, and instead choosing to be RELENTLESS!

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