A Relentless Women in Pursuit of God’s Righteousness

By: Pamela Sneed


In February 2020, my faith was being tested. My husband had three car accidents, one after another; he was a full-time Uber driver. The first two accidents left his car totaled. So, now he had to use my car to drive for Uber. The last accident was bad, he was hurt and my car was completely totaled. My God! Why is this happening to me? I felt empty, angry and my heart was so heavy. How could You love me and allow for this to happen to me? I sat in my room and started to read my favorite Psalm’s 136:1, “O give thanks unto the Lord; for he is good; for his mercy (love) endures forever.” I sat and I thought, why not me, for God had spared his life. Thank you, Jesus!  I know my Lord and Savior is with me, but at that moment I had questioned my faith and His love for me. I had to look back over my life to remember all the things I have been through and knew that God had brought me through it all. God loves me, I just had to run to Him and tell Him I was in pain and scared. It was for Him to fix it, not me; He will give me rest. For I know His loving arms are always open to me. 


The Women in Need Ministry (WIN) has allowed me to serve women with compassion, kindness and to be understanding of their needs. I tell them about the love of Jesus to let them know that no matter how bad the situation might be to continue pursuing his love and remember to always keep the faith.

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