Character Builder

By: Veronica Pratt


For many years, I was in a desperate search for love with the misconception that somehow the natural man was going to fill the void in my heart and soul. I made many unwise choices in the men I chose to date, which lead to a cycle of fornication, domestic violence, sexual, verbal, mental, emotional abuse, attempted suicide and low self-esteem.


 As a Christian, I still dated men who I was unequally yoked with ignoring 2 Corinthians 6:14 which says, “Do not be yoked together with unbelievers.” I gave my heart and body to unbelievers believing I would receive love, acceptance and a wedding ring in exchange. Thinking I could change them, I was left heartbroken, bruised, battered and out of fellowship with God, which left me feeling ashamed, unworthy of God’s love, forgiveness and restoration. Although I felt alone, God never left me. He led me to First Baptist Church of Glenarden to begin my journey of healing and restoration. He connected me to women and ministries that accepted me in my broken state and loved on me. He showed me what unconditional love truly is. 


So many women saved and unsaved turn to drugs, alcohol, sex, suicide and many other gods to mask the pain of their past and yearning for love, as I did also, only to realize it just adds to a cycle of pain and self-destruction. I tried to become everything I thought a man needed me to be, in hopes of receiving love and acceptance in return. Instead, this lifestyle led to bondage and unhealthy soul ties that I could not break on my own. God allowed me to go through the fire to build my character and transform my mindset and life, that I may be used to bring him Glory.

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