Relentless Woman

By: Maria White


Devoted, dedicated, determined, dreamer, diligent and disciplined. These are words that describe who I am as a relentless woman. However, sometimes I find it hard to really describe myself this way in situations within my life and I had to be R.E.A.L. and say Sister ReRe, you must get yourself together girl. You may say, what do you mean by being R.E.A.L? I had to learn to retrain myself because my emotions can sometimes get out of whack. I can sometimes hold on to some past pains and think about rebelling. However, I know that this is not what a godly woman should do and then fail. I have to say to myself, “Get yourself together.”

Here’s what I tell myself. You are in this race of life and you will have a strong finish.  I must become a relentless woman. I had to record in my mind and speak out of my mouth, my resolution to be Relentless in Everything. God holds me Accountable along this journey called Life. So, Grace Girls, do not think that being relentless is easy, because it is not, but it is worth it.

You are called to be relentless in your dealings, faithful in your commitments and to not delay. The time is now, do not give up. You have trained yourself. Focus on your end goal despite past experiences and make a declaration that I will be a devoted, dedicated, determined, diligent, disciplined, dreamer for God’s kingdom by any means necessary. I remember I am always commissioned to extend grace and love. I am commissioned to be Relentless in Everything that God holds me Accountable to do in Life!

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