Resilient + Resolve + Relentless = Champions

By: Mary Davisson


Obstacles come to show our true character. However, an unwavering attitude in the midst of tests and fiery trials comes from an unassailable will. Indeed, life has shown us that some people are impenetrable despite opposition. Who is this population? They are the relentless! Cambridge Dictionary says, ‘relentless’ individuals never quit. With this said, I believe relentless goes hand-in-hand with three other expressions: Resilient, a person who is able to endure or recoup rapidly from difficulty. Resolve refers to a person who has a strong determination to do. Lastly, relentless people are champions. Champions are unequivocal at what they do, they tower above all of their contenders and they are winners; they are unflinching!


When pondering stories of being relentless, Joseph (son of Jacob and Rachel) and Mary (the mother of Jesus) come to mind. First, Joseph was cast into a pit and then sold by his brothers to Potiphar. Then, at some point, Potiphar’s wife also lied about Joseph; therefore, he was sent to prison for a crime he did not commit. Second, Mary was between the age of 12-14 when she was impregnated by the Holy Spirit to carry the Son of God. Today, this story would have gone viral. 


Granted, both Mary and Joseph had trying circumstances that tested their faith but neither of their narratives ended in defeat. Joseph would become the “Prime Minister” of Egypt so he could save the life of his family and others (Genesis 41: 39-46). Mary married and went on to give birth to Jesus (Matthew 1:18-25). So, the next time you are discouraged just recall these stories. Since God did it for them, will he not rescue us? Remember, relentless people are resilient; they have the resolve of champions and the DNA of a winner.

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