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Shantece Sharpe

I’ve been working as a temporary employee for about 10 years on short and long-term assignments. At one point, I found myself living in Maryland commuting to Virginia. I cried daily on my commute, riding in two-hour bumper-to-bumper traffic. I was tired of fearing the unknown of whether I’d have a job next month. However, through prayer and fasting, I turned that cry of despair into a cry of rejoicing the Lord, as I would often hear the song “BIG” by Pastor Mike Jr in the mornings and evenings on the radio. I would scream out “the new job will be BIG!” which played at the end of the song. I started to not only fast for a new job but that I would also hear God’s voice and know when to move accordingly. In January 2021, I was offered a new job but when I tried to give my two weeks’ notice to my current job, my boss said he would match whatever the new job offered me in order to keep me there. God’s timing is always right on time, persevering through prayer and building a relationship with him is what pulled me through.

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