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Monica Sharpe – Sisters in Discipleship (SID)

At the end of 2017, I received an unexpected RIF notice after being employed for over 22 years in the Information Technology Department at Verizon Wireless. Upon hearing the news, I began praying, asking God what was next. While praying, I received a call from a VP who spoke to another VP in another state, whom I worked with initially at Verizon. He stated that the other VP had such high remarks about my work ethics that they did not want to lose me. A contracts position became available in his department. I knew nothing about contracts, but I applied for the position. I received notice on my last day in December 2017 that I got the position along with an increase in salary and a two-week vacation! I started my new job in 2018 and bought my first home, a five-bedroom house with no down payment and received money at closing. I am happy to say I am still working at Verizon, and in 2020, transferred to another section within the Contracts Department. It has been a true blessing from God that I am still able to maintain a salary and receive significant bonuses for 25 years.

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