Our sessions will give you the knowledge, tools and resources to be Relentless through online worship services, general sessions, Master Classes and other activities.

He Loves Me Master Classes 

During He Loves Me 2020, participants will have the option to choose from the following Master Classes designed to help them become Relentless in a specific life area:

Whether you are going through or coming out of a season of toxic or unhealthy relationships, you can still be relentless and determined to create a new season of life that demonstrates the strength you had going through it, and the incredible strength you have coming out of it. For His grace was sufficient then, and that same grace is sufficient now. His strength is made perfect in our weakness! Come and learn the tools you need to renew your strength!


General Sessions:

– General Session with First Lady (Charmaine Harvin, Roxanne Burroughs and Reverend Linda J. Thomas)

– Relentless Living After the Battle (Dr. Brook Parker-Bello)

– Relentless to Fulfill My Purpose (Reverend Janelle Johnson)

– The Endurance of Relentless Faith (Daphnee Kelly)

Participants will explore the many ways to win souls during a pandemic. We will look at ways to share the gospel using social media platforms and personal encounters, within the context of social distancing. We will provide step-by-step instructions and guidance for sharing your faith with people you may or may not know. God’s word tells us he who wins souls is wise. He is moving in our midst during this time of great harvest. You would be wise not to let this harvest pass you by!

General Sessions:

– Becoming a Fisher of Men: Winning Souls in Every Circumstance (Reverend Lettie Carr)

– Becoming a Fisher of Men: Winning Souls in a Virtual Environment (Reverend Lettie Carr)

– Becoming a Fisher of Men: Winning Souls During any Encounter in a Pandemic (Reverend Lettie Carr, Gerald Mayhan)

Become a wealth warrior. With God’s help, you can be a fierce money manager by tapping into your supernatural financial strength. For this session, you’ll need to bring your financial information. Through an interactive Master Class, you will develop or refine your budget and prepare a personal net worth statement (Do you know how much you’re worth?). If you have debt, we will teach you a method to get out of that bondage. We will also walk you through six steps to better financial decisions. When you become devoted to being financially sound, you become an example to others of God’s financial grace. So, come prepared to take a deep dive into your numbers and emerge with the power to achieve financial freedom!


General Session:

– Be a Relentless Financial Warrior (Michelle Singletary)

Leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship empower women to drive organizational change! Whether you are working within an existing business or ministry, or want to start your own business, this Master Class will show you real-life skills needed to thrive relentlessly in today’s world. Join us and interact with top leaders and entrepreneurs who will show you how thoughtful leadership skills, innovative practices and an entrepreneurial mindset will propel you into your God-given purpose and destiny!


General Sessions:

– Definition of a Leader Leadership Calling (Jackie Parker)
– Mine the Marketplace Be an Other Take on Your Culture (Tonya Johnson-Hunter)
– Spiritual Formation and Leadership Development (Dianne Taylor)
– Create an Environment of Safety Upgrade Your People Practices & Skills (Reverend Carolyn Tatem)
– Entrepreneurship Panel (Jackie Parker, Reverend Linda Thomas, Kelli Brooks, Shameeka Price, Reverend Angelia Rowe-Garner)

The Relentless Wife is devoted to being effective in her dealings, faithful in her commitments and performing all God has for her to do without delay. She is unstoppable, fiercely determined, a ferocious warrior and adamant in her deportment as a dynamic, disciplined woman of God. This Master Class will enable wives to understand the call to marriage. You will learn biblical principles of a wife whose passion and pursuit in life is to not delay her call to pray for her family, as well as to never give up on her marriage! 


General Sessions:

– The Unstoppable Wife for Life (Reverend Beverly Little)
– Teach Me to be Relentless Panel (Mother Geneva Pearson, Maria White, Shena Smith, Ana Florence)

This Master Class will bring together ladies who are ready to heal or recover together from their abortion experience(s). In a safe, non-judgmental, redemptive community, ladies will experience the power of Christ’s healing touch through the use of living scriptures. You will meet and experience the Master’s love and forgiveness, just as the woman at the well and the woman caught in adultery did. We will face the shame and guilt of our abortion(s) relentlessly. After this session, your life will never be the same as we relentlessly do life together by healing our abortion wounds. We know as daughters of the most high King, He wants us free and whole.


General Sessions:

– Relentless Healing (Bethany Williams)

– Anger (Nakesha Bowrin)

-Forgiveness (Veronica Davis)

Did you know that being single is a gift? Yes, it’s a gift! This Master Class is designed for single, widowed and divorced women to gain a greater understanding of how to embrace the gift of singleness and what it looks like when you stay focused. Staying focused is being faithful to God’s Word; obeying and accepting the gift; committing to someone who holds you accountable; being undaunted by what people are saying; and walking as a servant of the Lord. Show others that they, too, can stay focused and relentlessly embrace their gift of singleness. You will hear from women who are focused and relentless about the Lord’s affairs–being devoted to Him in body, soul and spirit. Don’t be distracted. Join us as we demonstrate how we relentlessly stay focused and walk out our gift of singleness.


General Sessions:

– Relentlessly Focused (Gwendolyn Wade)
– Relentlessly Committed (Desiree James, Patricia Dennis, Benita Smith)
– Relentlessly Serving Him (Sherry Blue, Sharon Honor Lorna Mitchell)

Motherhood is one of the most rewarding yet challenging roles a woman will ever carry out. The Relentless Moms Master Class provides practical, Bible-based solutions to address issues most relevant and critical for today’s moms. By addressing the spiritual, mental, social and emotional needs of mothers, this session will equip moms to love and honor God, their children and themselves. This Master Class will also feature a Relentless Faith Parenting Session that will show mothers what it means to have relentless faith to trust God to turn things around in the lives of their children.


General Sessions:

– Momming in the Midst of Mayhem (Tyra Lane-Kingsland)
– She’s Still There: Redefining Your Identity After Kids (DeLise Bernard)
– Raising Godly Children in a Selfie World (Miya Edwards, Reverend Keionna Neal, Jualecia Malone, Reverend
  Jackie McCoy, Kenya Ulmer)
– Relentless Faith (Reverend Debora Barr, Seconda Hollinger)

Details on General Sessions and other activities will be provided soon.

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