Ordained Steps

On Nov. 16, 2012, I celebrated my 30th birthday. At that time, I was truly in the worst place in my life. I was homeless for most of that year, lost a child that I didn’t even know I was carrying, financially unstable, engaging in very unhealthy sexual relationships and seeking fulfillment from everything worldly.

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Character Builder

For many years, I was in a desperate search for love with the misconception that somehow the natural man was going to fill the void in my heart and soul. I made many unwise choices in the men I chose to date, which lead to a cycle of fornication, domestic violence, sexual, verbal, mental, emotional abuse, attempted suicide and low self-esteem.

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Fervent and Relentless Woman

Twenty-four years ago, if I was asked to describe what my life would look like in my early forties, I would have said, “I will be happily married with a few children, a successful and stable career, have a nice home in the city, and contributing to a stable society.”

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Relentless Woman

Devoted, dedicated, determined, dreamer, diligent and disciplined. These are words that describe who I am as a relentless woman. However, sometimes I find it hard to really describe myself this way in situations within my life and I had to be R.E.A.L.

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Relentless Blog

It is easy to trust God during good times, and harder during our darkest days. I learned this first-hand when, one day in 2007, I felt electrical shocks in my left eye, ear, forehead and tongue. Soon, it felt as if a bag of bricks was slamming into my jaw.

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I AM RELENTLESS in Christ because He sought me out and saved me.
I am His one percent.

I AM RELENTLESS in Christ because of His sovereignty.
His sovereignty is solid – stable, consistent and unwavering.

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Each Day I Am Relentless

I thank my mom for always having my back and never giving up on me. I also thank her for
enrolling me in TPI. Each day I continue to grow and be relentless.

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God trusted me, a “broken jacked-up joker,” to pour into the lives of 26 of His most prized possessions. I am so glad I trusted Him by not quitting, and instead choosing to be RELENTLESS!

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Beauty in Brokenness

I began crying out to God asking him to release me from my anger, confusion, guilt and hurt. I asked God to guide me and show me how to best support my daughter.

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